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Maryland Licensed Practical Nurses Association, Inc.

LPNs are Caring Nurses


LPNS Must Stand Together!


LPNs have earned the right and deserve to have their voices heard! LPNs are essential to the medical profession. LPNs have got to have their interests protected by having representation, when nursing organizations...legislators...the government...and health agencies are all making decisions that affect the LPN profession and future!!!!

This is where the National Federation of LPNs comes in! The NFLPN watches your back! Everyone wants change, but are any of you members? The NFLPN cannot support and protect LPNs without members!!

It is soooo important for LPNs to stand up and be counted! LPNs deal with discrimination daily and we do complain about this....but only to each other, and on bullentin boards like this! Very, very few of stand up and do something about it!! That has to change!!!!!

The NFLPN provides leadership, representation and guidance to our members. If you want respect, and to be treated fairly....do something about it now!!!

Join the NFLPN - There are approximatedly 1.2 MILLION LPNs in this country...Just imagine the changes we could make by standing united and making certain your opinions are voiced loud and clear to the appropriate people!!!!


Why not call today 1-800-948-2511